Wednesday, December 05, 2007

busy busy!

the little one has been a busy girl lately. today we went to visit santa at phipps plaza. this apparently is a bigger tradition than i realized. in case you didn't know, phipps tends to be among the more uppity of the malls in the a-t-l. there were some kids behind us who were probably in late elementary or in jr. high and i commented to karen that they were a bit too old to be seeing santa. well, it seems the richies around here have made it a yearly thing to get pics with santa no matter how old, at least possibly through high school. i guess we all have our own traditions. anyway, kate did really well, didn't cry or anything and just had a good ol' time with santa. i will be uploading a video soon.

kate also met gov. perdue. there's a christmas tree lighting every year (holiday tree? ha ha) at the governor's mansion and surprisingly it's not a terribly crowded event at least the past 2 years we have gone. granted, there has been rain those years and the initial part of it is outside. you also get to tour through the mansion then gather in the basement where there are cookies, cider and other treats with music and time to mingle with the first family. ol' sonny just made himself at ease with kate as you can see below. at one point he was actually holding her up with one hand! i'm surprised karen didn't jump in and grab her from him. this adds to kate's celeb meetings in addition to jenna bush (sort of a celeb), president carter and amy grant. all in 5 months!

we have also gone back to church for the third time a.k. (after kate). (her first church visit was at new bethel in tennessee. we took her to the worship service with us, and she did great--slept almost the whole time.) back here, we have taken her to church twice. if we didn't mention, the first time we left her in the nursery a couple of months ago, they had to call us to tell us she wasn't happy. needless to say, we were a bit on the anxious side this time wondering how things would turn out. well, kiddo did amazingly well and when we went to pick her up, here is what we saw ...
girl is just chillin' with her new playmate. way to go, kate, way to go.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

For Colette ... Kate's Nursery

Hey, this is Karen once again. I told Colette that I'd post pics of Kate's nursery on here. Tanna did a fabulous job with her room, in my humble opinion. :o) He painted, installed a new ceiling fan/light fixture, put the crib and changing dresser together, and he let me buy the cute polka-dot rug! ;o) (That last one took a bit of convincing.)

My sister painted the quilt rack and lamp base black (which is tricker than you might think).

The room has been rearranged just a bit since this photo was taken.
Oh yeah, that's another thing ... Tanna rearranged the furniture when I changed my mind on the layout. :o)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

new tricks

so, the critter can roll over now but only from back to belly. she still has a little trouble getting back "upright" onto her back. amazingly i was able to catch it pretty quickly on this video. of course, she started doing this days ago and karen tells me about it several days after the fact. i had not even seen it until today. i can see our future conversations: "oh, by the way honey, kate started talking and walking last month, not sure if she's done it for you yet..."
the girl still gets frightened pretty easily with certain loud noises; the difference now is that the startle reflex is mostly gone so her arms don't fly around as much but she still almost jumps out of her diapers. she definitely gets that from her mom. i kid you not, sometimes karen jumps when i'm just standing there. "i didn't know you were there."
got a lot more pics but we gotta run to tennessee for thanksgiving so here are just a couple.

"did you fill your shoeboxes this year?"
"hmmm...i wonder what's in here..."
"why, mommy, why?"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a brief update

it's karen again. (i bet tanna's going to tell me to get my own blog--lol!)

kate had her four-month checkup yesterday. we happen to have a wonderful pediatrician, who gave her a great report! we are so thankful for her health! she weighs a whopping 14 pounds, 10 ounces (75th percentile) and is in the 95th percentile in height! when i refer to kate's pediatrician, i must be sure to say "kate's pediatrician" (as opposed to "kate's doctor") because tanna says that HE is her doctor. ;o)

she got another round of shots. :o( she was a little fussier than last time, but she is doing fine.

in other news ... we got a couple of these cool new bibs in the mail yesterday. i ordered them off of a gal on one of the message boards i like to visit. what do you think? i love them!

"life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
--f. bueller

but wait! there's more!

karen here ... with a few updates ...

believe it or not, kate actually wore a few more halloween outfits during october! a lot of them i got during the off-season at bargain-basement prices (if you know me, then you know i love me a good bargain!) and others were gifts for our little pumpkin!

here she is sporting a festive hat from uncle johnny and aunt anne:

here she is modeling a pumpkin outfit from grammy and grampy:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

happy 4 months, kiddo!

yes, little one is 4 months old today. what a crazy 4 months it's been. not too much news in terms of new abilities (it's not like she's driving yet). sleeping anywhere from 6-10 hours per night, on average probably 7-8, all thanks to the strict schedules we have been keeping with her and the disciplined structure we have been providing and surrounding her with. that of course is a bit of sarcasm in case the previous pictures of her sleeping on the couch didn't give it away.

she's still likes testing out her voice by squealing a lot and loudly. she also still loooves stretching, sometimes while sleeping, when sort of waking up, when awake, while eating, after eating... the stretching can be of various types--the both-hands-over-head approach (the "victory" position as karen calls it); sometimes just one arm up, especially if one is pinned while eating; other times the arms out in front or one above her head and one in front while kicking both her legs up.

i love watching her wake up process. first she stretches like crazy for a while. sometimes she'll turn from back and forth from one side to the other. then the eyes will open with a little crinkling of the forehead, chin down, like "where am i, what's going on?" then i can't resist and i pick her up and there's a kissfest all over her face and she has an even more of a "what the heck are you doing?" look.

below are some pics from halloween, the pink pig (an atlanta tradition, see link) when karen's bro and fam were in town and other various. viewer discretion is advised. repeat warning: i have nothing to do with how this kid dresses.

"what is the meaning of this life?... does god exist?... will i be able to get into an ivy league school on costco formula?..."

"hey hey hey, everybody!" (practicing for the fat albert audition, mixed-race kid edition)

how can you be so unhappy after a delicious korean buffet with grandparents???

"do not mess with me or this crazy man next to me will tear you up..."

a stretch in progress while getting cleaned after eating

this girl is ready for halloween (bright and early at 7 a.m.)

outfit #1, ensemble with matching hat

trying to pose, propping herself up...or getting ready for a breakdancing move?

yes, i believe all these outfits were on the same day

"i think i'll complement the mr. goodbar with a finger appetizer..."

at publix supermarket, hanging out with their display

"you guys have worn me out"

"cancel my morning meetings"

there's something wrong about this picture...

"watch it or i'm gonna pop a cap in your..."

"what? no, it wasn't me who spilled the formula"

not sure if this is her popeye or pirate look

life is good...

there she is, the pink pig

up close and personal

family pic

with cousins and uncle johnny

"how did i get myself into this mess?"

wearing her sticker commemorating the event

with cousin anna-claire, chillin' in the bumbo

"before you have called me kate but today, you shall call me cousin, friend..."

the happy trio, with cousin abigail and anna-claire

Monday, October 29, 2007

new tricks

again, i have no idea how many weeks old the kid is. i know she's getting close to 4 months though. i think for the first time i/we saw her grab her little toy off of her lap with one hand and then grab it with the other. previously i had to place her hands on it (see "battle of the hands") but now she's doing it on her own. she'll also grab the pacifier out of her mouth at times with one hand. she's getting independent. also, she's starting to "talk"/blow out spit. she'll like blow out some air from her mouth and spit/drool will follow along while she's goo gooing. there's a very brief example on this clip. she's also "talking" up a storm. here's a clip of her discussing some current events.

baby loves daddy!

one of my favorites. it's hard work being a mom!

never enough rest...

who is this? yes, it's amy grant at a book signing. where's baby?

no pic with amy herself but i guess the book's good enough

baby stylin' with her sleepwear

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

kid's been active

baby has had a busy time lately! she met jenna bush at a book signing last week and today she met ol' president jimmy carter at a book signing at the carter center (no pic since they wouldn't allow it). of note, pres carter said she was "beautiful." she was wearing her "future president" onesie. it's hard to look too serious in a onesie. not very presidential.

she also had her 100 day celebration. i know, it sounds like some celebration karen made up just to have a party but it's actually a korean celebration. back in the days, mortality rates were so high, if a kid made it to 100 then it was a good sign.

kate's starting to fatten up. her thighs are like big sausages. she's eating at times 6 ounces which is really at future buffet queen levels. i think she and the ol' man will enjoy knocking out a few buffets when she gets older. definitely need to take advantage of the "kids under 6 eat free" or whatever the age cutoff is these days. reminds me of the days when i would hit the shoney's breakfast buffet when i was 16 but still get the under 12 rate 'cause i looked like a kid.

for the first time last week i lost track of how many weeks old she was when she hit her anniversary on sunday. the count was 14. oh well, it was only a matter of time.

here's a video of kate and her kungfu grip.
another one of "battle of the hands, part 2."

sometime around her 3 month b-day. what a cutie!

back off of my formula, man!

a 100 day pic, stylin' in her lobster bib and fruity pants

rare sighting with grandpa holding her AND smiling

another 100 day pic, surrounded by her loot

hangin' with her hello kitty peeps

reliving the birthday with the stork sign

here we have her surrounded by various trinkets...
the idea is, whatever she reaches for will seal her career fate forever. you can see a
sphygmomanometer (or "blood pressure thingie" as my lovely wife calls symbolizes scientist), kitty (vet), comb (stylist), pen (writer), bible (pastor...or maybe music minister if she's in a pca church. ha!), thread (seamstress??), mp3 player (musician), scissors (scrapbooker?), keys (race car driver), phone (communications), money envelope (finance), spatula (chef), whiskey bottle (drunk) and pacifier (in case she's just a baby all her life). fortunately she didn't pick the whiskey bottle. i think she actually reached for the kitty.

surprisingly not scared by the asian cabbage patch kid

a backseat view. love the ring of darker hair at the bottom.

looking interested at the jenna bush book signing

the future pres