Saturday, May 10, 2008

in your face

apparently there is some trash-talking going on in the blogosphere about the delinquency of my posts. bets were on that i wouldn't blog today but in the words of ub40, here i am baby! as you may know, my dear wife (dw?) is on the cusp of hitting the bigtop in the blog world. her site has appeared on celebrity baby blog and she even has readers that we have never actually met. i think karen might be the only one actually still reading this. anyway, she's also a bit obsessed about the visitor tracker for her site. every once in a while i'll get a "someone from brazil (or enter country of the day) visited my site today." of course, her fairly frequent posts keep readers coming. since i'm not posting everyday, i think that has hurt the readership (if that's a word). most have also migrated over to her site since she has all the pics and her "celebrity saturday" column. that's what i need, a gimmick to boost the numbers. always giving the readers something new, that's how you keep 'em coming. new coke, diet coke, coke zero, same idea. i don't mind dw and dd getting the limelight though because i'm counting on her or kate hitting it big with some modeling deal to be our ticket to stardom.

karen has a recent post about us going to barnes & noble (it took me some time to get out of the habit of saying "barnes & nobles") for the jenna bush book signing. what she didn't mention was that after she got in and went to the cashier to buy the book, i had to get kate out of her stroller and hold her up while the secret service swept her with the security wand. the one time i wanted karen around to get a pic but she was already gone! it was a hilarious site. i know she can have some potent poopies but i guess not enough to make the wand beep. and i'm talking about kate, not karen.

well, karen has still left me the task of notifying people of new videos. we were at a friend's b-day party recently and kate had her first experience with a balloon and boy did she love it. take a look yourself here.

well, gotta go heat up some food for karen.