Monday, March 10, 2008

it's over

yes, the little one is crawling! watch out world. we're gonna have to lock down everything now. she loves pulling on cords and she can track down that froggy pacifier like a missile. in case you didn't believe me, i actually have a video of it here. we should have the froggy paci on bin laden and then we would finally catch him. karen left a couple of weekends ago for tennessee and before she left she was almost starting to crawl (as shown in an earlier video) but when she came back a few days later she was scootin' around like crazy.

here's a pic in her borrowed duckie tub and an action shot with the water splashing. she still loves the baths.

we've also been to the zoo a couple of times. karen signed up for a family membership which i think is a great idea. we can go anytime all year for pretty cheap and we have discounts for friends/family too so if you're in town and want to go, let us know!

i was scanning the photos and i found this one deep in one of the folders. i think karen was trying to hide it from me. really, at what point do you call the authorities for child neglect? ha! just kidding honey, love ya!

i couldn't resist this one below either. getting the cousins together has never been funner! actually, riley is smiling pretty well but the rest of the gals just aren't interested.

this was also from the tenn trip. it looks like an early trying-to-crawl pic. this could be a poster for a "do not drink and crawl" campaign.

"he guys, i'm hittin' the art gallery later. come with?"

we were in savannah recently for a medical meeting. as soon as we get in the hotel room karen puts the kid on the bed for a photo op. karen notified me that it was her first hotel stay as well.

"ahh, nice fresh linens and so soft!"

kate's first boat ride. she ain't afraid.

okay, i'm gonna get yelled at for this next one but it'll be worth it. i had to put it in. here's mommy and baby not quite awake yet. look how karen's arm is up by her head and kate has her hand on her head. like mommy like baby.

here we are y'all at paula deen's restaurant. i ate the buffet on consecutive days for lunch. actually, including the buffet earlier in the week at a mongolian bbq, i had 3 buffets last week. almost like the med school days.

"i'm ready to chow down on some gourmet formula y'all!"

yes, babe is now eight months. not much of an update since the seven month point i guess. here's what kate really thinks about being 8.

"man i'm getting old. i guess i'll just eat this paper."

this next pic looks like kate is auditioning for cult follower of the year ... cutest cult follower of the year i have to say.

"whatever you say i will do master."

look at that smile. she still loves grabbing her feet, too.

just hanging out. "hmmm, what should i do now?"

easter's right around the corner in case you couldn't tell!