Friday, May 23, 2008

more names and such

oh yeah, i also get tanya sometimes.

another thing i didn't mention but i guess in part due to my name, people frequently confuse me with a woman on the phone. i just got off the phone with the computer (or "computor" as one of the signs in our building says) help desk to reset my password and he kept calling me ma'am. now i know my voice can sound a little high at times but come on. i've been a little self-c0nscious about that in the past because growing up, i never really hit puberty like a brick wall like most mens. my voice very slowly seemed to get a little lower over some time. it was kinda weird because i wasn't sure if the process ever finished. heck, maybe my voice is still getting a little lower. second phase puberty. i'll look it up in the medical books.