Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Why Men Like Porn"

This is the title to a WebMD article, found here. The article is short but it's hard to believe so much garbage could be packed into so small a space and be found on what I thought was a relatively reputable website. I even used to refer patients to this site for additional medical information. No longer. They make porn sound benign, like you're trying to pick between a plasma tv and LCD. Here is one ridiculous line from the article: "If you're spending too much of either [time or money] on porn, it often reflects a larger problem, like marital difficulties or a job loss." Yeah, it has nothing to do with addiction or the sin nature or deep psychologic issues--you're just having some bumps in your marriage or job. Because porn itself would never BE the cause of the marital difficulties, right?

I love the "Exploring Pornography" section at the end. "Honey, after dinner and the kids are asleep, what do you say we spend some good quality time looking at hard core porn? Or we could make it soft core night if you prefer." Unbelievable.