Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Guest Blog ... from Karen ...

Hi. I had a sec a moment ago to upload this video ... check it out! It's Kate and her cousin Riley--Riley is teaching her "This Little Piggie." Enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

ms. mohawk

here's a good picture of kate's mohawk. some have accused me of grabbing her hair in the middle in between my fingers and pulling up, thus creating the mohawk style. while i will not deny contributing to the hairstyle in such described fashion, most of this is also naturally occurring.

kate had her checkup today. she turned 5 weeks yesterday. kid is 10 lbs. now! up almost 3 lbs. since delivery. now that's eatin'. future buffet-eating prodigy in the making. karen also told me kate peed on the exam table. apparently the nurse told my mom to go ahead and take her diaper off and she let out a little tinkle so my mom went to change her diaper and then the fountain started flowing. now that's my girl! let them know who's boss.

kate also loooves taking baths. here's my mom cleaning her in the sink. it is such a funny site, her hair all wet and actually down, just in a trance, sometimes shivering when it gets a little cold. one day i'll load a video of her bath, which i'm sure everyone is just dying to see. meanwhile ("in the meanwhile..."), here's a video of kate and one of her hiccup spells.