Friday, May 05, 2006

here's another one for ya from the sun-times on foie gras. chicago's banning it. did you know it's illegal in california to produce (but not sell) foie gras? who would eat goose liver anyway? i like to stay away from abdominal organs but had to make the exception for sausage after i found out where the casing comes, i love sausage and ham and pork. definitely could not be jewish.

speaking of more gross foods, do you know what sweetbread is? pancreas and thymus! to think that i almost ordered it when we went to bacchanalia with the fam a few weeks ago. but then i thought to myself..."sweetbread...not sure what it is but it could be one of those weird things" and boy was i right.

Monday, May 01, 2006

b-ham (aka bort aka burt aka fatboy) was asking about this site. think you can tell the difference between asian groups you smart@#%? well take the test!

post your scores if you want. i didn't do too well.