Thursday, November 08, 2007

happy 4 months, kiddo!

yes, little one is 4 months old today. what a crazy 4 months it's been. not too much news in terms of new abilities (it's not like she's driving yet). sleeping anywhere from 6-10 hours per night, on average probably 7-8, all thanks to the strict schedules we have been keeping with her and the disciplined structure we have been providing and surrounding her with. that of course is a bit of sarcasm in case the previous pictures of her sleeping on the couch didn't give it away.

she's still likes testing out her voice by squealing a lot and loudly. she also still loooves stretching, sometimes while sleeping, when sort of waking up, when awake, while eating, after eating... the stretching can be of various types--the both-hands-over-head approach (the "victory" position as karen calls it); sometimes just one arm up, especially if one is pinned while eating; other times the arms out in front or one above her head and one in front while kicking both her legs up.

i love watching her wake up process. first she stretches like crazy for a while. sometimes she'll turn from back and forth from one side to the other. then the eyes will open with a little crinkling of the forehead, chin down, like "where am i, what's going on?" then i can't resist and i pick her up and there's a kissfest all over her face and she has an even more of a "what the heck are you doing?" look.

below are some pics from halloween, the pink pig (an atlanta tradition, see link) when karen's bro and fam were in town and other various. viewer discretion is advised. repeat warning: i have nothing to do with how this kid dresses.

"what is the meaning of this life?... does god exist?... will i be able to get into an ivy league school on costco formula?..."

"hey hey hey, everybody!" (practicing for the fat albert audition, mixed-race kid edition)

how can you be so unhappy after a delicious korean buffet with grandparents???

"do not mess with me or this crazy man next to me will tear you up..."

a stretch in progress while getting cleaned after eating

this girl is ready for halloween (bright and early at 7 a.m.)

outfit #1, ensemble with matching hat

trying to pose, propping herself up...or getting ready for a breakdancing move?

yes, i believe all these outfits were on the same day

"i think i'll complement the mr. goodbar with a finger appetizer..."

at publix supermarket, hanging out with their display

"you guys have worn me out"

"cancel my morning meetings"

there's something wrong about this picture...

"watch it or i'm gonna pop a cap in your..."

"what? no, it wasn't me who spilled the formula"

not sure if this is her popeye or pirate look

life is good...

there she is, the pink pig

up close and personal

family pic

with cousins and uncle johnny

"how did i get myself into this mess?"

wearing her sticker commemorating the event

with cousin anna-claire, chillin' in the bumbo

"before you have called me kate but today, you shall call me cousin, friend..."

the happy trio, with cousin abigail and anna-claire

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The pierce family said...

These are great! :) Love all the Halloween pics! She was a busy gal! We had a great time last weekend! Kate is a great host! ;) The pics of the girls are great...finally, one of A-C on here where she doesn't look mad! lol! Thanks for the updates on Kate...they are hilarious!
love you guys,
Johnny, Anne, Abigail, Anna-Claire