Monday, July 16, 2007

life with an 8 1/2 day old

is this not the cutest baby you have ever seen (except your own)?! yes, my wife and her sister kept the little munchkin elf with her wrinkly ol' back and legs up for hours trying to take some glamour shots. i guess they paid off.

i love triads and syndromes in medicine (think beck's triad, charcot's triad, samter's triad for you trivia buffs). our little one has adapted my love of triads and is working on perfecting her own, consisting of eating, pooping and burping, usually in that order. she has also picked up my impatience with eating. now i can skip plenty of meals and use my ninja skills to control mind over matter so that my hunger pangs are minimal. however, when there is a hot plate in front of me and the food is at its peak in terms of temperature, texture, smell, flavor, etc., sometimes i feel like just jumping right in without waiting on anyone else, particularly if they are being lacksadaisical in getting ready to eat and don't share my urgency in eating food at its prime. needless to say, baby kate can go from sleeping to shrieking/hyperventilating in about 30 seconds flat if her food isn't ready. (we're having to do formula supplements to pumping so sorry if that is a sin to anyone out there but if you were in our shoes....) so much pressure. i feel like a cook in a reality tv show.

otherwise the kid's doing okay, just trouble sleeping when you want her to and trouble staying awake when you want her to but that seems pretty standard. she looks bigger already. maybe i'll go weigh her on our new scale. better catch her before she has a bm.