Monday, October 29, 2007

new tricks

again, i have no idea how many weeks old the kid is. i know she's getting close to 4 months though. i think for the first time i/we saw her grab her little toy off of her lap with one hand and then grab it with the other. previously i had to place her hands on it (see "battle of the hands") but now she's doing it on her own. she'll also grab the pacifier out of her mouth at times with one hand. she's getting independent. also, she's starting to "talk"/blow out spit. she'll like blow out some air from her mouth and spit/drool will follow along while she's goo gooing. there's a very brief example on this clip. she's also "talking" up a storm. here's a clip of her discussing some current events.

baby loves daddy!

one of my favorites. it's hard work being a mom!

never enough rest...

who is this? yes, it's amy grant at a book signing. where's baby?

no pic with amy herself but i guess the book's good enough

baby stylin' with her sleepwear