Wednesday, November 21, 2007

new tricks

so, the critter can roll over now but only from back to belly. she still has a little trouble getting back "upright" onto her back. amazingly i was able to catch it pretty quickly on this video. of course, she started doing this days ago and karen tells me about it several days after the fact. i had not even seen it until today. i can see our future conversations: "oh, by the way honey, kate started talking and walking last month, not sure if she's done it for you yet..."
the girl still gets frightened pretty easily with certain loud noises; the difference now is that the startle reflex is mostly gone so her arms don't fly around as much but she still almost jumps out of her diapers. she definitely gets that from her mom. i kid you not, sometimes karen jumps when i'm just standing there. "i didn't know you were there."
got a lot more pics but we gotta run to tennessee for thanksgiving so here are just a couple.

"did you fill your shoeboxes this year?"
"hmmm...i wonder what's in here..."
"why, mommy, why?"

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