Monday, March 03, 2008

quick update

just wanted to upload a video. i have a whole bunch of pictures to upload, even from the last post but that will have to wait. karen and kate are actually in tennessee for abigail's b-day. it's weird how boring/mundane it gets when they're not around. on the one hand i'm like "oh yeah, i get to do stuff on my own, play b-ball, go out, party, etc." but after the first night i'm so lonely. poor me. anyway, i caught a nice vid of kate when karen was out one day. it shows kate trying to crawl, in her infant (pun intended) stages, but it includes many nice features such as her flailing her arm and leg around, slapping her feet against the floor, talking, pulling on her sock, etc. the girl will actually stand on all fours trying to figure out what to do but then her knees will drop but she can't figure out what to do with them then she'll either cry or just roll on her back. so funny. anyway, here's the link to the video.