Saturday, September 01, 2007

24/7 broadcast journalism

to catch a good story, you have to be on the ball 24 hours a day. if someone famous said something similar, it was probably a little more eloquent than that. anyway, the little critter was stirring around 5 or so this a.m. so i woke up as well. it's the usual "family sleeping on the couches with the kid in the swing" weekend thing. when i woke up, kate was doing her stretch routine which she usually does when she's ready to wake up and eat but this time she actually went back to sleep. anyway, here's a video clip which i took during what turned out to be an extend-remix stretch time. i think it's one of the best videos of her so far. the volume is low (i didn't want to wake her completely) so you may need to turn it up. also, kate has a tendency to turn her head to the right, especially in the swing and there's a picture of it above except this is the extreme version. i think her chin may actually be pointing slightly toward the ceiling. karen was worried about the head turning to the right a lot and you really have to be careful how you phrase things to doctors so i told her not to tell the pediatrician "she always turns her head to the right" like she wanted to but that she certainly turns it that way more than left. otherwise, i'd be afraid she has some misaligned eyes or a hearing problem or something more serious. also, forgive me but i think i actually say "as is evidenced" in the video when i meant evident. hey, it was 5 a.m.