Friday, June 23, 2006

AMC Skit 2006

we just had our graduation last week and have taped a skit the past 2 years. feel free to view it at your leisure. if you're not a doctor or in our program, it may be of limited use to you but the genre still brings it universal appeal.

going to paris tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


i have so much to write but i just wanted to spend this moment to let everyone know that i hate yahoo and it sucks!!! it hurts to say that since one of the creators of yahoo (david filo) is a tulane engineering alum, as am i. in addition to the security at work which makes internet usage in general rough, i frequently have problems uploading attachments to email only on yahoo. even at work, no probs with my gmail or hotmail accounts but i would say easily half the times on yahoo i have to reload the attachments. the gripe currently is that i can't even logon to my email for the past 1/2 hour, which would be nice to do to get my hertz #1 club member number so i can freakin' reserve this car for our trip to paris. frea-kin' yahoo!

notice my displeasure...