Thursday, March 27, 2008

march madness

yes folks, it's march madness around the lim household. i'm watching basketball these days, mom and kid have their own madness going on with malls and shopping and such. as you can see below, there's been some st. patrick's day madness going on as well. i think karen has a "baby's first ... " bib for all occasions. there might even be a "baby's first arbor day" bib laying around somewhere. incidentally, doctor's day is in 3 days (although observed at our hospital today). i wonder if she has a "baby's first doctor's day" bib and if not why not.

kate's been getting into all sorts of things these days. if she could, she'd like to get into her little aquarium toy. she keeps trying to get her head into it but it just won't fit.

one thing i haven't gotten a good picture of is her teeth. yes, her lower ones popped up a few weeks ago and now a couple of the top ones are coming in. as you can imagine, it's a little hard to keep her still enough for a picture of her teeth. the kid does not like having her face messed with. she still doesn't like it when we mess with her nose trying to get the ol' boogs out. she can bite hard, too. as a warning, do not stick your finger in her mouth without expecting some damage.

the babe's pincer grasp as improved. at first she would play with puffs but now she'll eat them up if they're around. i don't know about karen, but i also sort of make her feed herself at times by holding the bottle up herself. tough love as i see it. i need to get a good video of that. the coordination isn't completely there. sometimes she'll almost poke herself in the eye with the bottle.

"i think i will eat this puff"

here's kate hanging out with some friends.

"i'm outta here guys; call me when you're ready to roll ... and i do mean that literally. i love rolling around."

the easter bunny hit town recently as well ... or is this an imposter???

oh yeah, i guess that was preceded by palm sunday. kate's first palm branch. i think she tried to eat it. pretty much anything around will go in her mouth.

by the way, karen's obsessed with smart cars. they're all over europe but there were some issues getting them to the u.s. but i think mercedes has started importing them. here is a recent sighting.

in other news, my dad went out and bought a sax and keyboard. here's "david g" grooving. he's too old for a midlife crisis so i guess it's like an old man crisis?

we went to a park recently and kate loved crawling around the grass and putting things in her mouth. karen would keep taking them out but hey, it's nature, grass is good for you. isn't it? anyway, the kid can crawl like a champ. for some reason she loves crawling into the bathroom. she also still loves crawling to cords and putting them into her mouth. the way she's drooling, probably not the safest thing in the world. oh well, "she'll learn" as i say. ha!

here are some of those easter pics. again, they had live animals there. kate's obviously more interested in other things than getting pictures taken.

karen had some sort of picture session set up here. if you have all three of these pics set up and bring them up quickly it looks like she's busting through the animal barrier. you better watch out, nothing will stop this kid.

i'm not exactly sure what's going on with the camera angle here but when kate falls asleep in the car seat these days, she's out big time. such an intense look in her sleep face.

she also has a new toy, straws. this will definitely keep her occupied for a while when at restaurants.

"how does this thing work?"

karen has the kid dressed in all sorts of outfits these days. here's a happy giraffe.

"see ya next time!"