Wednesday, October 17, 2007

kid's been active

baby has had a busy time lately! she met jenna bush at a book signing last week and today she met ol' president jimmy carter at a book signing at the carter center (no pic since they wouldn't allow it). of note, pres carter said she was "beautiful." she was wearing her "future president" onesie. it's hard to look too serious in a onesie. not very presidential.

she also had her 100 day celebration. i know, it sounds like some celebration karen made up just to have a party but it's actually a korean celebration. back in the days, mortality rates were so high, if a kid made it to 100 then it was a good sign.

kate's starting to fatten up. her thighs are like big sausages. she's eating at times 6 ounces which is really at future buffet queen levels. i think she and the ol' man will enjoy knocking out a few buffets when she gets older. definitely need to take advantage of the "kids under 6 eat free" or whatever the age cutoff is these days. reminds me of the days when i would hit the shoney's breakfast buffet when i was 16 but still get the under 12 rate 'cause i looked like a kid.

for the first time last week i lost track of how many weeks old she was when she hit her anniversary on sunday. the count was 14. oh well, it was only a matter of time.

here's a video of kate and her kungfu grip.
another one of "battle of the hands, part 2."

sometime around her 3 month b-day. what a cutie!

back off of my formula, man!

a 100 day pic, stylin' in her lobster bib and fruity pants

rare sighting with grandpa holding her AND smiling

another 100 day pic, surrounded by her loot

hangin' with her hello kitty peeps

reliving the birthday with the stork sign

here we have her surrounded by various trinkets...
the idea is, whatever she reaches for will seal her career fate forever. you can see a
sphygmomanometer (or "blood pressure thingie" as my lovely wife calls symbolizes scientist), kitty (vet), comb (stylist), pen (writer), bible (pastor...or maybe music minister if she's in a pca church. ha!), thread (seamstress??), mp3 player (musician), scissors (scrapbooker?), keys (race car driver), phone (communications), money envelope (finance), spatula (chef), whiskey bottle (drunk) and pacifier (in case she's just a baby all her life). fortunately she didn't pick the whiskey bottle. i think she actually reached for the kitty.

surprisingly not scared by the asian cabbage patch kid

a backseat view. love the ring of darker hair at the bottom.

looking interested at the jenna bush book signing

the future pres

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