Friday, May 19, 2006

note: second post as the first did not include all the text and had to retype most of it. what a waste! may need to change services again.

man, can't believe it's friday already. tough writing everyday, especially when no one's reading. so sad. winding things down here at the ol' chief resident office. not much to do these days which is why i'm writing now. going on vacation with karen's fam to myrtle beach saturday...a little sun, golf, seafood...yeah. party!!!

had a nice drug rep dinner at morton's last night (downtown). there was one guy there, not sure if he was a doctor but he was hittin' the sauce pretty hard. while the speaker was talking, he grabbed a bottle of wine and poured it into his glass, not quietly and discreetly right above the rim, but like 6 inches above the glass and the wine was sloshing around the glass and spilling onto the table. i almost lost bladder control.

also had a rep take me out this week to rathbun's. check it out at
kevin rathbun used to be the corporate exec chef for the buckhead life group (nava, chops, atlanta fish market, bluepointe, etc.) and he actually came out and talked to us in the midst of a busy restaurant! i felt like a little boy. our waitress was emily who used to wait at joel. "good pedigree" said rathbun. now, what did i eat (because i know that's why you're reading)? had the duck breast which was fantastic--recommended medium but i made mine medium well...can't have my fowl floatin' around too much bacteria and parasites. also had "yaya's eggplant steak fries" for appetizers. i wasn't sure about them at first by the description; i mean, it is eggplant after all, but on first taste, these things were freakin' awesome! it's amazing what you can do with a little eggplant and cheese, all fried up with some powdered sugar on top and a tabasco/sugar (i think) dip. wow. bort, you have to try out this place! i've eaten there before for some other drug rep dinners and have had the lobster taco there which is also amazing--it's a burrito-like thing, a rolled tortilla with plenty of lobster inside. regular price? $32. drug rep dinner price? free. satisfaction? priceless.

Monday, May 15, 2006

a pic from korea...i'm putting this here temporarily to use it in my profile. yeah.
poll question: are you planning on circumcising your son?

lots of debate about the pros and cons of it. feel free to do your own google search to find the info. a colleague of mine is trying to spread the lie that circumcision is not painful as there are no pain fibers in the foreskin in an infant. here's an interesting article...

you know who you are: stay away from my kids! heh heh. ummm, not that i have kids yet.