Sunday, March 16, 2003

is this thing working?
alrighty, back in action. i'm sitting here with a hole in my khakis. yes, i'm ashamed to admit it is in the crotch area. i've been wearing these pants on most days to work since i started in july and they're the only ones i have. (now, i'm not THAT poor, i do have other pants, just not another pair of khakis...did i mention i make about $35,000 per year for like 80 hours a week? yeah, that's minimum wage.) therefore (ergo), i have to wash them like 3 times a week and as you can imagine, they've gotten pretty worn out. at least it's good that i discovered the hole before a potentially embarrassing moment occurred. hmmm, i hope no one else has noticed. i hope no patients have noticed. why would anyone be looking at my crotch anyway? what's worse, people looking at my crotch or the fact that i still wear these pants to work? you know, it's hard to get out there these days to do shopping and stuff. you know?

so last night i was hanging out at this restaurant/bar with a representative from the pharmaceutical industry, better known as a drug rep. they take us out to dinner and stuff all in the name of medicial education, of course. this guy is pretty cool but some of the drug reps can be like car salesmen. we were at this upstairs waiting room/bar area where there are a few pool tables and on the one next to us, there was this family with their 2 kids like 3-4 years old. now i'm all for having fun but don't you think they should like get a baby sitter or something? you can just hear them saying "we're not gonna let these kids get in the way of our social lives..." or "honey, let's take the kids out to the local restaurant/bar with the smoky atmosphere." because smoke in the lungs of a 3 year old really is a good thing. you know, it toughens them up.

not that i'm totally opposed to smoking. yes, i do think cigarettes are cancer sticks and even without the cancer aspect, if you would see the people in our hospital who have various other lung diseases because of smoking, you would ban cigarettes. however, i do like to puff on a nice cigar every once in a while. my friend just got back from cuba and brough back some nice ones i've already gotten to sample. and, according to my world almanac 2000 millennium edition, cigars bought in cuba are legal to transport back to the u.s. i think there is a limit, though. but of course you have to get around the whole "how do you get into cuba" dilemma.

it's march madness time, baby!