Saturday, August 22, 2009

a birthday semi-tribute

i have kept a mental list (and a short one on my iphone) over the months about how our little love child is like me and how she is like karen in certain ways. as it turns out, today is baby momma's x5th birthday (i know, 25, can you believe it? she doesn't look a day over 24.) so this is a tribute to her. i think last year i hacked into her blog and wrote an entrance as kate. heck, maybe i'll do that again. that was fun.

ways that kate is like ...

me: stubborn as heck sometimes

karen: loves cookies and chick fil-a

me: laughs at her gas expulsion (not always though and let's be honest, it's not ALWAYS funny, just usually)

karen: nosey as can be. kate has backed off a little but months ago she would just stare down people and watch them as they passed and even stretch her neck around you to get a better look. anyone who knows karen can attest to her nancy drew ways.

me: physically active (not to say i am now but i really was as a kid). kate before she was 2 was already climbing the rock wall type section on playground sets all by herself, with a little supervision by me of course. here's the vid, check it out yourself.

karen: loves green beans, too, one of the few vegetables kate eats. don't get me wrong, i like green beans, just more of a corn man myself.

me: picks her nose in public. hey, just being honest. at least i try to hide it.

karen: artsy. kate loves crayons, painting, drawing, coloring, you name it. karen isn't exactly artsy like that but creative and crafty (insert beastie boys riff). kate definitely did not get that way from me.

me: loud. karen will be happy when kate learns what "inside voice" means. also ask karen how my being loud was a stumbling block in our marriage early on. ha ha! funny times.

karen: just as pretty as can be, you can't just stop looking at them!

well, that's a short list, i had many more i didn't write down and now i don't remember them because i'm getting old but happy birthday to my beautiful wife!