Saturday, April 22, 2006

i'm having some difficulty deciding which site to use for my blog--here or myspace. i haven't really delved into either of them too much but since my foray into blogspot, i've noticed they have made some changes. i can upload photos into the blog (maybe you could do this before and i just didn't realize can't do this on myspace unless i just haven't figured this out yet) and you can leave comments, too--both big issues for me. i want to see what people are thinking! and now since you can add comments on the blogger, maybe this will be the one. plus i have my old posts on here. if you are interested, check out
wow! if you have any interest in sushi or the moonies, you HAVE to read this article. amazing...i can't say i'm ready to give up sushi yet but it may diminish my enjoyment of it a little least when i'm eating my 40th piece.,0,6443962.story
this is my nephew, "old man" eric (the one on the left...i don't know who this stalker toddler is next to him). he's the 2nd child of my brother and the only grandson of the lim clan thus far.