Wednesday, December 05, 2007

busy busy!

the little one has been a busy girl lately. today we went to visit santa at phipps plaza. this apparently is a bigger tradition than i realized. in case you didn't know, phipps tends to be among the more uppity of the malls in the a-t-l. there were some kids behind us who were probably in late elementary or in jr. high and i commented to karen that they were a bit too old to be seeing santa. well, it seems the richies around here have made it a yearly thing to get pics with santa no matter how old, at least possibly through high school. i guess we all have our own traditions. anyway, kate did really well, didn't cry or anything and just had a good ol' time with santa. i will be uploading a video soon.

kate also met gov. perdue. there's a christmas tree lighting every year (holiday tree? ha ha) at the governor's mansion and surprisingly it's not a terribly crowded event at least the past 2 years we have gone. granted, there has been rain those years and the initial part of it is outside. you also get to tour through the mansion then gather in the basement where there are cookies, cider and other treats with music and time to mingle with the first family. ol' sonny just made himself at ease with kate as you can see below. at one point he was actually holding her up with one hand! i'm surprised karen didn't jump in and grab her from him. this adds to kate's celeb meetings in addition to jenna bush (sort of a celeb), president carter and amy grant. all in 5 months!

we have also gone back to church for the third time a.k. (after kate). (her first church visit was at new bethel in tennessee. we took her to the worship service with us, and she did great--slept almost the whole time.) back here, we have taken her to church twice. if we didn't mention, the first time we left her in the nursery a couple of months ago, they had to call us to tell us she wasn't happy. needless to say, we were a bit on the anxious side this time wondering how things would turn out. well, kiddo did amazingly well and when we went to pick her up, here is what we saw ...
girl is just chillin' with her new playmate. way to go, kate, way to go.

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