Sunday, February 23, 2003

i am a music lover and depending on how you view awards shows, it's a good night for us. the grammys are on tv. i don't want to give off the impression that i watch all this tv and that's all i write about because i don't and it's not. i like study and stuff and read up on my patients' disease processes and stuff. really i do. anyway, i do love music and i appreciate all forms--jazz, classical, hard rock, rap, country (yes, even country!), pop, blues...that translates a cd collection with miles davis, patsy cline, nirvana, debbie gibson (now deborah...and yes, i do have a secret debbie gibson fetish, i mean, appreciation), handel's messiah, beethoven's 9, stevie ray vaughan, notorious b.i.g., etc. just thought i'd let you know.

so, some reflections on the first hour of the grammys: what is up with the dixie chick's hair? you know which one i mean, the one with the retro big hair of the 80's. now i like the 80's, but.... and what's up with this josh mayer (? or whatever his name is) dude who's like 16 AND he's performing on the grammys AND he won the best male vocal category. i express once again my previous consternations as i did with the kobe bryant comments--this kid is almost half my age, i'm sitting here drinking a cheap glass of cabernet (cheap but good), there's a ceramic mug representing an anthropromorphized triglyceride staring at me, my room's still a mess, my mom checks up on me and keeps asking if she can bring me food or come clean up for us and such, and i haven't showered in like 2 days because i was on call last night and i had to stay at the hospital. sigh.

the first category of the evening was for best pop group or duo. now if that's the best pop had to offer for the past year, no wonder music is in such a sad state these days. but then norah jones won the best pop female which is interesting and she made comments on that line about how she never expected her music to be considered pop music. and how many lifetime achievement awards are they giving out tonight? one for tito puente, one for glen miller, both of whom i admire. i mean heck, why don't i get a lifetime achievement award. you know, i did make all-state chorus 6 years in a row. there's your lifetime achievement for ya.

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