Tuesday, February 25, 2003

a tribute to B'ham

ahhh, good to see that the ornamental...i mean oriental...i mean asian brothers are still in effect. or is that affect? don't write me back with the answer, that was just a joke.

yes, now, my B'ham oriental brethren...the fatter one. that really would take up a whole website in itself to write about--my dysfunctional med school classmates. jeez, how many did we have taking prozac to get them through finals? we had dui's, classmates sleeping with other classmates, former drug dealers. and then you had our healthy future doctor group eating buffets 3-4 days a week, sometimes for lunch AND dinner on the same day (man, i loved that fried chicken from old country buffet...and i miss the OC Bee). overall though, i think our class was pretty cool. i see some of the med students rotating through our hospital now and they really get on my nerves. but all that for another day.

anyway, B'ham is an unique one i'll have to admit. i talk about him occasionally. he's refreshingly honest about himself and unpretentious about his fatness and laziness. it's good to see someone out there who is not trying to impress ANYBODY. i guess his mom doesn't really appreciate that too much but that's another story, too. he'll be the first to tell you that he probably shouldn't be a doctor--and he's not, he's a pathology resident (a little jab at my path colleagues...they really are doctors). his real passion is...well, food and video games. some highlights from med school:
*he would stay up all night playing computer games, sleep for about an hour and then go to work in the hospital and fall asleep on rounds ("rounds" being what we as a team do, as in go see all the patients with the attending, a couple of residents, and a med student here and there, all of which comprise "the team")
*he would play golf in scrub pants, sandals, and a golf shirt from the 70's
*before he got fancy with the golf shirt, he would just wear an undershirt that he made himself (printed from the internet and ironed on); a sampling of shirts: one said "twinkie" (as in yellow on the outside, white on the inside), another "winner," yet another "jackpot"
*he was obsessed with body sounds and functions and smells
*his lifelong dream is to own a hot wing restaurant that served only wings, nothing else
*he turned his whole room into a putting green, and this meant buying a whole bunch of wood and having it raised a few inches and cutting holes in it
*he was in no way a wood craftsman but he enjoyed cutting and making his own desk (which had a lay-z-boy pulled up to it instead of a real chair) and even a bed frame
*he also once made himself a plastic study stand so that he could study while laying down in bed (we all know how tiring it gets to hold the book up with our arms or turning side to side)
*he's a practical atheist but he watches charles stanley ("the old skinny guy") and t.d. jakes ("the black guy who wipes his forehead a lot") on tv--they're both preachers

so as you can see, i had no lack of entertainment during med school. so many more stories out there, so little time....

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