Saturday, October 28, 2006

nerdy things i do

recently started eating cereal again. mostly to save money on my off weeks. eat a little cereal for lunch, save some money. also not as high in salt and fat as other stuff i usually eat for lunch. need to keep the blood pressure as low as possible for the good insurance rates, you know. i can worry about the diabetes and heart disease later. cereal itself is kinda pricey, however. freakin' $4 for a small box. favorite cereals growing up: cookie crisp, lucky charms, cap'n crunch crunchberry. cereals i liked but got soggy too fast: sugar smacks (reminds me of calvin's (of calvin and hobbes fame) fav cereal--chocolate frosted sugar bombs), frosted flakes, fruity pebbles, golden grahams (awesome...probably ate this cereal for 3 years straight and had to eat it real fast before the sogginess set in). cereals i didn't really get: corn pops, grape nuts (probably the first "try to be healthy" cereal). possibly my favorite of all-time? the discovered-as-an-adult choco zucaritas (chocolate frosted flakes) that we ate every day in venezuela during a medical missions trip 7 years ago. left you with chocolatey milk at the end, more than the cookie crisp. any cereal that does that is a bonus. of course, someone more a nerd than me has a website...

speaking of cereals, what's up with this new fruity cheerios? what a ripoff. can you say froot loops?

another nerd move: watching syndicated scrubs episodes lately on the ol' dvr. there was an episode where brendan frazier stars. you get a glimpse of j.d. looking at the chart and saying he has leukemia. of course, i get curious as to what exactly the chart says and when i pause on it, i realize that it's actually an echo report. had this been a high-def version, you would even be able to make out the guy's name and soc sec #. who do they think they're fooling?

also had a dream recently that i was on jeopardy. steamy dreams about hot chicks in hot tubs? no way, not for me. i'll take ancient religious history for $400, alex.

other things that grind my gears: people who say regime when they say regimen--fairly common in the medical field, e.g., what antibiotic regime are they taking? well, doctor hitler has them on....

and now for the obligatory halloween pics of my nephew and niece. i already told my sister-in-law that the m&m outfit was bordering on child abuse and dfacs reportable.

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PATHKID said...

i have a costco sized lucky charms box right a 3gallon pack of organic milk , all of which I have to down in the next 2 weeks before they go bad.

OH, strawberry frosted shreded wheat! GET SOME NOW...STAT!...they up there with crunch berries and Frankenberry.

Diagnosing Leukemia by merely reading a "chart". As a soon to be hematopathologist, my remark would be...yes, that is possible, especially when the the Dx is explicitly written on the chart by the hematopathologist... OWNED!

I am for one am still seeking that multimillion dolloar forensic lab like in CSI, where they spend thousnads of taxpayer dollars to solve a $20 case of stolen pack of backwoods and a stick of mitchum.

there is an all you can eat kalbe place in K town too....