Wednesday, September 13, 2006

of scrubs and sellouts

the sellout would be my fellow blogger bort. now that he's some bigshot in a heme/onc pathology fellowship at a university to be unnamed on the left coast, he has to strip his blog to nearly nothing, even neuter it dare i say, in order to secure a much brighter future than he's had to this point. either blog with all your heart or don't blog at all! yeah, i'm a bigshot, too, a hospitalist here in...ummm...and remember, i'm making all this up in case anyone tries to sue me.

the scrubs part is one of my favorite clips that i've kept in my head for years and now am able to play over and over thanks to youtube. it has colin hay of men at work fame singing in it. the first link is a spliced clip that tries to combine his whole singing part, the second link has only the first half but a little more that didn't get chopped off.

techno update
recently got a new cellphone thanks in part to a sprint upgrade program and a credit for the phone i exchanged it with. it's a samsung a640, nothing toooo fancy but much better than the old one. it has bluetooth so i can walk around like most people looking retarded with a wireless headset while i'm NOT talking. but more importantly, i can exchange phone numbers with my palm so i always have a backup and never have to spend time writing down these numbers again. fyi, usually you can have your numbers in your old phone uploaded by a service person and then downloaded to your new phone but my old one was old enough they couldn't do it so i spent like 15 min in the store writing down all my old numbers. now if i can just get that sanford & son ringtone.

also bought a new mp3 player and i'm a rare one who did not buy an ipod. i bought a creative zen vision:m, 30 gb. why, you say? well, until yesterday i would have told you because it has a much longer battery life while playing videos and the display is much better with 4x the color display of the ipod and because i still have commitment anxiety about switching to apple/mac only. of course i pay for it a little bit because most music, tv shows, videos you can purchase online are through itunes and can ONLY be played on ipods. bast***s. i already knew about that but as if that's not enough, ipod just came out with a new 80 gb y'day for $349, which means their 30 gb is cheaper now at $249 and with a fairly comparable battery life to mine. oh well. i'm still happy with it.

sept 11
another anniversary has passed. my wife said i should write a remembrance (which i already planned). where was i? i was in an anesthesiology rotation in med school, i think in between cases when i saw the tv after the first plane crashed and people were giving me an update. of course i thought like most people and figured some small commuter plane went awry and crashed into it. i think i was still at work when the other plane hit and the towers collapsed. i then spent nearly every waking hour the next week watching the news, flabbergasted, teary-eyed at times. i recently saw part of the united flight 93 documentary and we really do forget. it's human nature but americans are particularly susceptible to it. we forget the palpable fear that gripped the entire nation. we forget what that felt like, the enormity of the situation. can you believe that the entire airspace in this country was closed down for a time? the thought of what happened those last minutes in all the planes, the ability to think clearly enough to plan a cockpit attack on the terrorists while in a moment of terror yourself, the thought of what the target of flight 93 really was and what could have happened....

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PATHKID said...

You the sellout chump! Yeah, hen i get a job and start making the mad money...which basically is gonna be like 50% more than my resident salary post taxes, I too will start blogging this world to heck i tell you!
hey, how much you wannt bet my wedding invitation comes addressed Bort. that be sweet.
and....sanford and son?....I got the A-team on mine. Don..DONDON....donDON..don....yeah baby.