Sunday, June 11, 2006

of chinese food and beaches

okay, so a quick myrtle update. we went a couple of weeks ago with karen's fam, actually to surfside beach which is a few minutes south of the main myrtle beach. it's apparently more of a family-oriented area, a little quieter, not quite as red as myrtle. we stayed in a house just a couple of blocks from the beach, if you ever want to stay there--great spot, nice house, private pool.

did a little golf a couple of days at and both near surfside. the first place would have been nice had they not just aerated the course--sand all over the greens and they were working on the fairways, too. fortunately we had a coupon ($20 off of ~$50 although the internet told me it was only $30 at the time). we didn't physically have the coupon because i forgot to bring it but the guy let us have it anyway. i didn't realize until the next day that the coupon was actually for the other course! oopsies. oh well, it was barely worth the $30 to play there as it was with all the maintenance going on. the second place was very nice--narrow, challenging, nice greens, great bargain.

we were sandwiched between "white biker week" and "black biker week" (unofficial, of course). the whiteys were mostly on their harleys, the brothers on the "crotch rockets" so if you don't like a lot of bikers, don't go before memorial day!

ate at the original benjamin's calabash restaurant. i've decided that i don't want 115 items on the buffet of average quality and 5 real good items. just give me your highest quality items and i'll take only 60, heck, even 30 items on the buffet! i know that's almost heresy as a buffet connoisseur but i need to go with my heart. normally i don't eat a lot of crab at restaurants because it's so messy but this time i had to make them pay because karen't didn't eat much. i think i ate 5 or 6 claw bunches and that was after eating the other food. definitely got our money's worth. karen says i need more pics on here so here you go...

the calm before the happy and hungry

note the hands--glistening from the crab juice with pieces of crab
stuck on. very full by this point.

speaking of eating, got delivery from a chinese restaurant the other day and it didn't charge me a delivery fee but a $1 fuel charge! what the heck is that? so if i'm quickly looking at the bill in order to tip the guy, i don't see a delivery charge so i'm more likely to give him a higher tip but in fact there's a sneaky fuel charge so they still get the extra dollar and more tip? commies.

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PATHKID said...

was there a gay pride contigency "sandwiched" between the white and blacks..hehe..sandwiched. Lol, so you lied about that coupon!I bet the guy was like "what is this oriental talking about..we don't offer any discounts". I bet you were going off at him too.."i sue you!"
wow, that looks like good crab too..that's the attitutde baby...make em pay!! How dare they insult you with such a paltry array of mere morsals.