Sunday, June 11, 2006

ignore this one

back in the old days of the blogger, you had to have an account to leave a comment so i created a guest account for people to leave comments and when this thing got updated, that guest spot got called "duvnet" for some unknown reason. soooo, i'm getting rid of the duvnet comments because it's showing up as a contributor to the blog and preventing my profile from showing on my homepage. all that to say here's one i wanted to keep on the records.

from bort, 2/24/03: Dr tanna banana lim, i enjoy your lively comments expecially about things that appear so random. I would LOVE for you to post your memoirs that you have amassed in your "journal" during those oh so busy medschool days. Honestly, how u found the time to write down all those things among the hours of sleeping and eating i would never know ( oh wait a minute, i was there eating too...and i remotely remember crashing on that "luxurious" leather sofa). Anyways, keep it up.peace out dog!your B'ham oriental breathren..the fatter one.
PS: will you just pay for the BlogSpot Plus account!..i wanna see pictures...even the salacious neked ones.

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PATHKID said...

Finally pictures! It's about friking time you lazy toad. Man, when did I write that blurb? It actually sounds coherent..and intelligent might I add.