Monday, February 17, 2003

i admit. i watched joe millionaire tonight. i mean, who are these people? who is this joe? who are these girls? why do they all have such bushy eyebrows? how does this guy end up with a gig like this? questions on the minds of all americans. i don't know if y'all know who i'm talking about (i haven't been keeping up with the show too much...something about trying to save lives and stuff) but what is up with the heidi chick? i do remember seeing part of the episode when she was riding the horse and got all freaked out. and then they show her boyfriend on the show. i mean, dude, get a grip! how in the world can someone put up with that??? i don't mean to judge but....

so karen and i had dinner with my folks saturday. i think it was a great experience overall. i ended up doing a lot of translating. my dad still doesn't speak very good english. i guess 35 years isn't long enough. but he really made an effort to ask her questions and tried to make conversation in his limited way. karen didn't think that it went so well with him but i had to remind her of his past. my sister reminded me years ago how much he has mellowed out. in the old days (like jr. high and stuff) when people would call at the house for us he would just hang up. then he actually started saying hello and saying we're not home and then hang up. now, he even attempts to take messages!

gosh, there's so much more to talk about but i have to watch the rest of joe millionaire. i will have to say that zora does have nice eyebrows. if i were on the show then i would probably pick her.

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