Tuesday, July 08, 2008

happy b-day kiddo!

okay, i can finally wish kate a real happy birthday, not happy 173rd day of life or happy 7 months as in the past but happy 1 year! that's right friends, one year ago today, kate made her descent down the ol' birth canal and into this world. (karen loves it when i talk this way.) i don't think the shape of her head has quite recovered from the trauma. ha! fortunately for me, being in the medical field, i have seen much more traumatic and dare i say messier stuff so the process itself didn't bother me too much.

so many highlights from the past year. look for karen's postings to come for a lot of other stories but first, here's a video of a "dueling growls" game that kate and i play. not sure how it started but kate started making this noise so i decided to do the same and now we do it back and forth to each other. sometimes i use it as a mini-gps device--if i don't know where she is i'll make this noise and listen for a response to locate her.

one of the joys of being a parent is watching the funny and quirky little things she does, especially at this age when she doesn't really know what she's doing (or so we think). i actually find most things she does funny in some way. a very brief listing of some funny memories: swinging things in front of her (with the rare bonking of the head with said object) and then at times just swinging her empty outstretched arm for no apparent reason; lowering her head when she goes into turbodrive crawling; her first balloon experience (kid went craaaazy); how her face would (and still does to a less extent) get all splotchy when she cried hard; tooting sometimes when she strains from crying also.

she loves "undoing" things these days--taking things out of boxes and purses, throwing things off of tables, pulling books off of shelves, cd's off of racks and junk out of drawers. tends to make the place very messy.

phases i'm happy to see pass: spitting her food at us (didn't last too long thankfully), not having to make as much formula or clean as many bottles (although of course this gets replaced with bowls and spoons and sippy cups ... but still better than cleaning bottles i say), 2 words--breast pump, having to burp her (which i didn't really mind but just something that has passed), sleeping exclusively on our loveseat.

okay, lots more i could add to the above but i need to get this post out before midnight so till next time. happy birthday katherine suna!


piercefamilyof4 said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! :) Love the dueling growls! Hilarious! great post!

Karen said...

You just had to get "birth canal" in there, didn't ya? ;o) BLY!