Thursday, June 12, 2008

pacis, pacis everywhere

so we have this new trick where we put a couple of pacis in the crib when kiddo goes to sleep. until she actually falls asleep, she'll stand, roll around, sit, stare at the wall, do whatever kids do in cribs and frequently the paci will end up on the floor or stuck behind the crib against the wall. then, of course, she'll cry and we'll have to go in there to plug her back up. this trick, however, increases the likelihood that she will find another one on her own without us having to go back in. well, needless to say, the pacis start piling up in and around the crib. when she woke one morning i couldn't help but take this pic. can you guess how many pacis are in this picture??? (you may need to click on the pic to get a larger view.) answer below.

the answer is 3. one in her mouth, one in her right hand, one on the floor.

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