Saturday, February 09, 2008

happy b-day, kiddo!

yes, kate turned 7 months yesterday, the same day my dad turned 71. no, i don't have pics of kate with her obligatory "i'm 7 months old today" sign courtesy of karen. it's still on the camera i think. there are actually a lot of pictures from significant events lately (zoo, family visits, etc.) that will be posted later, unfortunately. that's what happens when you fall behind.

these days she's rolling around like crazy. can't quite crawl yet but she's almost there. wow, once that happens, there is no keeping up with the kid.

the girl loves to kick, too. she inherited a duckie inflatable bath from her cousins and she will kick her legs like crazy and splash water everywhere. also when she's trying to get to sleep we'll hear loud thumping in her room where she's pounding her feet against the mattress.

at a friend's baby shower. girl's so fashionable thanks to mom.

here's a pic from a christmas party with our church sunday school group. there was a prize for whoever wore the ugliest christmas outfit. karen picked up some stuff for us from goodwill. you can't tell but i'm actually wearing black cotton sweatpants. they were actually mine but i haven't worn them in years. really. kate's wearing her now famous gymbofriends camouflage onesie.

a couple of more pics from the seh-beh in california.

"am i doing this right, mommy?"

"ah yes, payday is mine." note mystery arm delivering money.

didn't mention that my brother has become a big raiders fan and the mens took a roadtrip up to oakland for the last season of the game against the chargers. dad's looking stylish with the raiders cap.

left to right: dad, me, bro-in-law ted and bro mike

another pic at the airport all decked out in her fancy hat

just enough hair to get a couple of bows in

karen's mom came to visit for a week. there are several other pics i'll put up later but here's one with the three ladies. you do not want to get in a staring contest with this baby.

we were watching kate roll around here and there when she started posing in the style of the old breakdancers. here is her first pose, could be coming off of a nice backspin. definitely taking after daddy.

relaxin' with with her pillow

LOOK at this girl! she is going to break some hearts one day, that's for sure.

yeah, this was taken in the dead of winter. never too early to get ready for the beach in today's global warming environment.

one day this girl was so tired she fell asleep just like this.

quick visit with uncle norman and aunt mary. looks like kate's staring down some hoodlums stirring up some trouble somewhere.

oh yeah, we had a live nativity at church and some animals running amuck on the property. didn't stop kate from getting in there for a good photo op.

hmmm, not much resemblance to the camel

houston, we have contact ... with a sheep. i believe this is kate's first contact with livestock.

happy with pacifier and cousin riley

getting a few walking lessons from cousin rebekah who started walking pretty early herself.

okay, in case you didn't know, karen has this fascination, dare i say obsession with groundhog day. she was even in punxsatawney, pennsylvania for the "phillennium" on 02/02/02. no, i am not making this up. anyway, in true atlanta (metro area, at least) fashion, we have a knockoff groundhog ourselves, general beauregard lee. after a 3 am fire alarm in our condo, we all got up at the gluteus-crack of dawn in ungodly cold weather to see this rodent prognosticate about the weather. karen stayed up all night doing various things, including making many signs, some of which actually ended up on the website of the place hosting the general! see if you recognize the kid on the website as well. click here to see it. not sure how long it'll be up but make sure you also go to the other pics to see some of karen's work and relatives. i'll post more pictures from the event on here later. as an aside, they are a lot more cordial here and wait for general lee to come out instead of dragging him out like in pennsylvania. hey, southern hospitality. well, needless to say, this year he decided to take his time and a lot of people ended up leaving before he came out because it was too cold. many children were out there complaining of digits and phalanges and such going numb and i think we all missed his big moment too. in case you were wondering, he did not see his shadow. interestingly, the very next week it was in the 60's for the high. coincidence? i don't think so.

kate in her groundhog bib and hat. "daddy, where am i?"

"what's all the ruckus about?"

"mommy, help me. i can't feel my body."

more updates later!

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Anonymous said...

Great update Tanna! :) How do you keep up the with the little Lady? :) She's one busy girl, but always manages to stay so fashionable! :) She'll be crawling around before you know it!
Love from TN,
Aunt Anne for the Pierce Fam