Sunday, September 09, 2007

2 months...or 9 weeks?

baby just turned 9 weeks today. 2 months yesterday. there is no way i'm going to be able to keep up with all this week and month business. if people ask me how old she is, maybe i'll just say "well, she's getting up to 6 months" if she's anything less than 6 months and "she's getting up towards a year or so" for anything between 6 months and a year.

different parents' reactions to the same things are pretty interesting. i have a friend who had a kid not too long before us and when their kid had the hiccups, he actually took him to the pediatrician, thinking newborns weren't supposed to hiccup and something was wrong. when our kid started hiccuping, we got out the camera and started filming. maybe we're a bit more nonchalant about things (well, at least i am).

the kid turns 2 months and it seems like she magically starts doing more. she's actually trying to make noises purposefully for the first time. of course, she can cry when she's hungry and make the straining, grunting noises when she's trying to push through a bm but she'll look at me and coo and make little noises like she's trying to talk or communicate. she's been smiling randomly already but now she's even laughing a little bit. pretty neat.

another monumental event: kate's hair stayed down for the first time without any water or other artificial aid. i did have to brush it down with my hand but even doing this it wouldn't stay down in the past. here is the proof (sorry, a little blurry)...

notice the contrast between these and the prior mohawk looks. below i have a few more recent pics. i will have to say, the kid recently won "cutest kid ever made next to jesus" for the 2nd straight month (taken from a poll of parenting experts in our home).

kate and her stylish crib/pack-n-play wear

ready to hit wall street with the slicked down hair

b-day pic (artificially flattened hair)

all dressed up and no place to go

"hey y'aaaallll"

ready for the world...of tennis, i guess
(click on pic to get a close-up of her comb-over)

classic mohawk look

non-kate update

i recently ate at ann's snack bar. it was dubbed best hamburger by a wall street journal article i read a few months ago (click here for the article...not sure how long the link will be valid). if you blink, you would miss the place, which is right on memorial drive in east atlanta. to call the place a shack would be generous. there's a covered, front patio-type area with a few tables for people to wait to enter. then you take a few stairs up into ann's. there are only 8 stools and if you try to come in when all 8 are taken, she'll tell you to get out and wait outside. she's not nearly as mean as the famed "soup nazi" but she's certainly quite a character. she'll take everyone's order at once and then start cooking. it's just her, no one else. no help, no "front desk" person, no one to man the register. once she's done cooking, then you can eat and pay your tab. i wondered what she does when she has to use the bathroom.

the back wall looks like it would blow over with a strong wind. there are many gaps in the dry wall. the back door is surrounded by a frame that doesn't fit and leaves a good bit of light coming through also. the plastic covering over the light switch is 30 degrees off center. the place is unique to say the least.

anyway, i ordered the ghetto burger, complete with lettuce, tomato, chili, cheese, onion and her famous seasoning salt. the patty sizes are huge...then you realize that the ghetto burger is equipped with two of them. the sheer size makes the monster burger that hardee's had out a few years ago look like a kid's meal. i would say it is minimum one pound of meat, post-cooked weight, that is! some pieces of mine fell off on the grill so she stacked those pieces on top, meaning i actually had in some parts 3 layers of gigantic-sized meat. i ate half without much of a problem (after eating half a plate of fries first) but could feel myself slowing down. all i could do was see the faces of my beautiful wife and daughter and i promised them in my mind that i would eat the rest of that burger if it was the last thing i did in this lifetime. the chili was hot so holding the burger was a little difficult but after only a few minutes more, the plate was clean. victory was mine. i accomplished all this knowing that we had already planned on eating burgers on the foreman grill just a few hours later for dinner. oh well, the experience was worth it. i started gettting dizzy and got numb and tingly behind my head and on parts of my left arm when i was done, but in a daze i made it home to my beautiful family. best burger i ever had? possibly. most memorable? no doubt.

here are some pics from a fellow blogger. if you can imagine, the burger actually looks bigger in real life than in the picture. notice it's sitting on a regular-sized styrofoam plate and it covers most of the plate. again, i didn't find ann quite as crotchety as the blogger describes. she kinda had that tough love attitude which i appreciated.

i also have a couple of new videos on youtube. check it out.

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