Thursday, September 27, 2007

11 weeks (almost 12) and counting...

sorry for the delay on this post. yes, the creature is almost 12 weeks old. wow. it's weird sometimes when karen calls and says something about "my daughter" and i think, "oh yeah i have a daughter!"

kate magically is sleeping many more hours at night these days. it does come at some cost because she gets quite cranky at times in the evening, especially the past 2 nights. tonight she cried for like 2 straight hours (which i know might not be much for some but it was for this kid). finally karen took her and she ate well. i think i may have mentioned this before but i am so glad my wife is my wife. she is so patient with the kid, even when she's screaming her head off for so long. as a testosterone-driven male, my patience runs much thinner. i just look at her crying and sometimes think it's not logical why you're crying because we fed you, burped you, changed you, you had a good bm, we changed you again, and maybe you're crying because of some gassy issues but then it doesn't make sense why you would cry over just a little gas... it's true what they say in pediatrics, these critters aren't just tiny adults.

last weekend we went to niece rebekah's 6 year old b-day. kate slept pretty much the whole way there, about 5 hours (we left at 9 pm). on the way back she ended up going about 12 hours without eating! we stopped in asheville to visit karen's grandmother and fed kate there (nice big bm after feeding her in the parked car). that was around 6 pm. then we drove home, kate was up part of the time and when we got home around 10:30 pm, we just left her in the car seat since she was sleeping and she stayed sleeping till around 6 am! she's sleeping anywhere from 5 to 8 hours from the evening till early morning, sometimes more, sometimes less.

here's a vid of another kate stretch session filmed by my lovely wife. funny, too.

yet another stretch session, this one with some funky dance-type moves.

i was really filming a lot this particular day. here's another with me trying to give our car seat baby a kiss on the forehead while she's sleeping. "rattle toes" makes another visit.

last one for today. another installment of "saga kate." will she wake up or will she stay asleep?

"one day i'll be big enough to eat out of this chair"

stylin' in her new outfit with the headband

with cousins (from left to right) riley, rebekah,
abigail, and anna-claire

lookin' fashionable in her new outfit with mommy

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