Saturday, August 25, 2007

i think this may be kate flashing one of her gangsta signs to her fellow baby peeps.

up until last saturday, ol' baby kate had been pooping pretty frequently. actually, the two days prior, she had gone once a day. but then, after a nice early saturday am poop, she went the rest of the day without one and also all of sunday. i started getting paranoid. during my e.r. rotation in residency, i remember a family bringing in a baby who had not pooped in many days and i had to manually disimpact the kid (i.e., sticking my pinky up the rear and pulling out countless clumps of rock-hard stool). i'm going crazy thinking i have to do this to my kid. worse, it was almost work time so i'm all worried about her being fussy all day and my wife having to deal with it. of course, all this time kate's happy for the most part, eating, looking the same, not looking like one severely backed up. finally, during a feeding monday morning, she pooped like a champ. the funny thing is, there wasn't a lot of noise when she pooped (she usually squirms around and grunts a little...i know, such pleasant information!) but i could kind of tell she did because she had this smile on her face. way to go, kate. then i got paranoid again because she actually went close to 3 days without pooping but had another big one thursday. i guess she just has her own schedule. so this is my life, consumed with my kid's eating habits and bowel movements.

here's a fresh content after a nice feeding.

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five in six said...

Isn't it funny how you can become so paranoid about poop? Who'da thunk?! But seriously, been there too...called the doctor and everything. I know they think I'm nuts over there!! Oh well!! Kate is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations!