Thursday, August 31, 2006

more koree news

man, apologies to my fans. i can't believe it's been several weeks since the last post. been randomly busy with work at times. what do i do? i am a (an?) hospitalist. my background is internal medicine and i see patients exclusively in the hospital. in the old days, your doctor would see you in the clinic and if you ever got sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, he (and eventually she...ha!) would see you there as well--continuity of care. well, in our modern times of reimbursement, laziness, money, money, and money, and many other reasons, medical care is splitting not only into specialties by organ/disease systems but also location--outpatient and inpatient care. i'm on the inpatient side. what does this have to do with korean news? nothing. it's just a prelude. anyway, my schedule is i work a week, 12 hours/day then i have a week off. i know everyone out there thinks this is such a glorious schedule. now don't get me wrong, there could be worse things in life but until you try it, you don't realize how tiring it can be. "oh, that's awesome, it's basically just 42 hours averaged out over 2 weeks so it's like regular job hours." how many times do i hear that? well you know what, it's NOT averaged out. you can't average out working. i'm bustin' my...chops for a week then i crash. it's like that tortoise and the hare story and you know who won that won. hmmm, who did win it? anyway, that's beside the point. more about the job later and how we're heading for a health care crisis.

pet peeves words: "irregardless" and "mute point" as in "irregardless of the reason, it's a mute point." if you don't know what i'm talking about, don't bother.

so usa b-ball (and b-ball always refers to basketball, not baseball for some reason) beat korea something like 116-63. not sure the korees are ready for primetime athletics. although for some reason they are good at speed skating and archery in the olympics. can anyone explain that? well, there was a bit of redemption and here it is...
if you're into music (is anyone NOT into any kind of music? it's like that comedian i heard once..."yeah, this girl i went out with once told me she's not into music. like, not into music? it's like someone saying 'yeah, i don't really like color that much.'"), this video will be a pleaser. there was an article in the ny times recently about it (search "funtwo") and they eventually were able to identify the player and it's this korean kid (i say kid but he's like 23 but looks 15...ahh, that youthful asian skin) who basically taught himself guitar over the past 5-6 years.

the guy on the right is the real "funtwo." who's the kid on the left? some slacker wannabe who actually claimed to be the guitarist on the video! i mean, how pathetic is that??? man, the pressure and lack of self-esteem that kid must feel to think that he needed to fake being someone else in order to be a somebody. so much more to write but it's almost 3 am. time, not for bed but a movie before bed. i have to adjust my hours because i have the night shift coming next week. that sucks.

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PATHKID said...

lol, i thot it was the same kid on both pictures.
hey, here's a cool story,

oh for the "betterment" of humankind, i been "cleaning" out my blog, i suggest you do the same, lest some unscrupulous vagabond sullies your good name....LEST!, yes i said lest. LEST!...whata word.