Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the devil and a birthday

yep, in case you didn't notice yet, it's 6/6/6. really, 6/6/06 but that's not as dramatic. apparently there's a lame omen remake to celebrate the occasion. i had to inform some coworkers at work (kind of redundant...sort of like when interns and even some residents will say "the patient self-extubated himself last night") the significance of 666. some had not even heard of it at all ("the foreigners?" my wife asked...nope, even nonforeigners!).

i have to hurry and post this because it's 2 minutes till my birthday! i wanted to go to sleep earlier but my wife made me stay up till midnight to celebrate. i guess i'll get the maximum out of my birthday if i am up till midnight.

more updates later...myrtle, chinese food, etc.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Honey! Or ... rather ... happy day after your birthday!! BLY!

PATHKID said...

even the foreigners?! wow.