Sunday, May 07, 2006

this link might only work for a limited time before it expires and you have to pay for the article but check out this latest tidbit: philips has filed a patent for a dvr that won't let you fast-forward through commercials and a tv that won't let you change channels during commercials! free tv won't be free anymore. apparently, the only reason we can record shows and movies is based on the "fair use" exemption passed in a supreme court decision in 1984. it only passed 5-4 and would likely not pass today because that decision was made at a time when fast-forwarding through commmercials on a large, clunky machine wasn't reasonable and its basis was that the commercial value of the copyrighted work was not harmed. oh well, better watch as many episodes of law & order as i can.

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kep said...

We probably only have a few more before we've seen them all anyway. :o) That Lennie ... just love him!