Friday, April 28, 2006

so i'm bringing home some food from surin's thai bowl and sushi bar the other day, waiting on the elevator along with this mom and her unruly kid, somewhere around 4-5 years old. he's talking randomly and at times incoherently as kids do but then starts saying something about "chinese man" directed toward me. i'm trying to ignore him by this point but he keeps talking and something to the effect of "you're chinese man deliver food to people" comes out of his mouth. i felt so embarrassed for the mom i said something like "no, this one's for me to eat" to the kid and tried to look away. what are you supposed to do, grab him by the collar and go through a geography lesson for him? ha! reminds me of that scene in airplane! when everyone's lining up to slap some sense into that girl. well, i guess on the other hand, he's smart enough to observe that asians tend to do the delivery in the building so you gotta give him some credit there.

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PATHKID said...

Yo! would you just put up some pictures. Try carrying around a huge SLR camera around your neck with a really obnoxiously long lens, so that next time if you see that same kid, he can point at you and say haha japanese tourist. If he could discern the difference between chinese and japanese, only then will I deem him brilliant. Hopefully, you will also be carrying some chinese food at the same time.
Oh yeah, what's that asian website where you're guessing what you are?