Saturday, April 12, 2003

just woke up from a nap. the breakfast buffet at golden corral just hits you in...well, it hits you in all the spots.

my last er shift on thursday was interesting. treated a lady who was wearing rebel flag socks. they were ankle socks and there were rebel flags on the middle and sides. now that's funny.

the shift was kinda frustrating for a while. people come in who don't need to be there. if it didn't take like half a year to get an appointment to see your doctor, there would be less crowding in the emergency rooms. this one guy came in with a sinus infection. he was also mostly deaf, a really nice guy. but i was getting mad at him because he couldn't hear me too well or read my lips and understand what i was saying most of the times. and then i started wondering why in the heck i was getting mad at him. i mean, it's not his freakin' fault that he's nearly deaf or that he got sick. well, i felt bad about all that so i tried to be nicer to him.

i got to do an ultrasound on a pregnant lady and saw a 14 week old baby! i've seen them before but it's different when you've never used an ultrasound probe yourself and you put it on the belly and try to look around for the baby. it's hard to get used to the angles and stuff but when you finally get a focus on the baby, it's really cool. you can see its heart beating, sucking its thumb and everything.

i need some exercise.

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