Wednesday, April 02, 2003

almost a good night...

phew! or is it whew!? whatever the heck it is, that's what i feel. finally done with 12 straight days of work. finished it off with my first shift in the ER. it's not as glamorous or nearly as dramatic as on tv. there also may not be as much sex going on between doctors and nurses or between doctors and doctors (or even between nurses and nurse for that matter) but there sure is a heck of a lot of flirting and back rubbing and stuff. i mean, i don't think the ER is the most appropriate place to be giving back rubs. maybe i'm just old school.

my first shift in the ER actually wasn't too bad. i almost got through the whole 12-hour shift without having to do a pelvic exam--until the last hour. isn't that the way it always is? there are four charts on the rack and the first one was some girl who was having vaginal bleeding. ugh. now really, isn't there someone more qualified to do this? i think i'll be opening up a men's clinic anyway once it's all said and done. it also didn't help that the girl was so demanding and seemingly high maintenance. now that's a great combo right there. i could go on about countless pelvic exams and vaginal discharges but when you've heard one vaginal discharge story you've heard them all.

let me see, what other exciting news is there? i went to this brazilian restaurant/buffet a couple of weeks ago. you know, it's one of those kinds where you have a coaster-type thing on your table, green on one side and red on the other and whenever you want the dudes to come and bring you meat you turn it to the green side. they have all types of meat on spears and they shave it off onto your plate. there's something really manly and primal about some dude bringing you meat on a spear. okay, so it's not really a spear like the kind you kill wild lions with but a small maybe 2-3 foot spear. and not that i would kill wild lions with real spears anyway. i like lions. maybe a wildebeest. yeah, i would probably spear a few of those. would i really or do i just like to say wildebeest?

anyway, enough for now. i need some sleep.

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