Thursday, February 13, 2003

i'm sitting here waiting for the stinkin' hotmail to not be busy.

i'm off today. woohoo! i'm on wards this month, general inpatient stuff, that is. we only get a day off per week on average.

i'm watching sportscenter while i'm doing this. kobe scored 51 points last night. he's 24 years old. unbelievable. i'm 30, making 35k per year, my room's a mess, i'm drinking coffee out of a tweety bird coffee mug and i don't want to think about how much kobe's making. so yeah, that's 35k per year for 80+ hours a week, no holidays. you know, if korean parents cared more about sports, i would be playing centerfield in the majors with a few championship rings on my fingers. they would be retired, rollin' in their fancy cars, the envy of korean parents everywhere. well, i wouldn't get them anything too fancy, you know, the whole getting attached to this world idea. but, they've sacrificed a lot and worked like crazy over the years. i guess they deserve some perks from their ungrateful kids.

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